FAQs and Rules

Rules are rules

To help make things a little smother at GalaxyFest, here are some FAQs and Rules. GalaxyFest reserves the right to add, subtract, or modify. The Antlers Hotel, state and federal laws supersede any of the following rules and suggestions:

What is the address of the Antler’s Hilton?

Location: The Antlers: 4 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Is there free parking for vendors / guests?

Parking for guests staying at the hotel is available upon check-in to the hotel. Parking for vendors is also available in the garage and can be validated for no charge parking. Various parking garages also exist around downtown. Colorado Springs has a small downtown, so garages are all within walking distance. Week days and Saturday street parking is free after 6:00 pm. Sunday, street parking is free.

Each parking area in the downtown area has a purpose. Ensure that you read the signs for the place you park in. The cost for getting your car/truck towed is a minimum of $180. There are are no towing companies within walking distance of the hotel, so if you get your car towed, it won’t be pleasant.

Vendors with trailers and oversize vehicles will be allowed to stage their vehicles in a designated area for free. Front desk has maps and such for the location.

What are the rules for photography or video?

By attending GalaxyFest, you give permission for GalaxyFest and its authorized photographers and media/press to utilize your likeness for advertising, documentation, blogging, social media, and advertising usage.

      • Most costumers love to have their pictures taken, however, ask first.
      • We will have Waldron Family Studios on hand to take professional photographs with your favorite celebrity or guest. Tickets can be bought for these photographs.
      • Celebrities will be selling their autographs. Bring your own items or photos. The guest has the final word on what they will or will not sign. Selfies and poses with celebrities is at the discretion of the celebrities.
      • You may not shoot video or use flash photography during any stage performance, show or official GalaxyFest event. A media/press badge must be obtained through the GalaxyFest Paparazzi Guild prior to the event date. Here
      • Photography is not allowed in high-traffic areas. This includes near doors, stairs, elevators and in busy hallways.

What costumes are appropriate/inappropriate?

Safety is always a key factor in all costuming. Second is appearance. Nudity is not acceptable, remember there are children around the hotel at all times. The hotel still has regular guests who may be walking the halls and common areas.

GalaxyFest and hotel reserves the right to ask you to cover up or ask you to leave the event.

What weapons can I carry with my cosplay?

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of our attendees and guests while obeying federal, state and local laws along with the policies of the convention venue.

Peace bonding:

All weapons that convention security determine to appear dangerous, on a case-by-case basis, must be peace bonded before being allowed into convention space. There will be a peace bonding station located near the convention registration area as well as experienced staff/security volunteers performing “mobile peace bonding” throughout the convention. You may also have items peace bonded at the Security Office. Peace Bonding is a method of securing weapon props to keep them safe and also a visual guide that an item has been inspected. It is also an agreement by the attendee to act responsibly with that weapon or prop.

Permitted weapons/props:

All fake, prop, or homemade weapons are permitted if they are in no way dangerous to attendees. Sufficiently blunt wooden staves, bo sticks, boken, shinai, and swords are permitted. Baseball bats will be allowed as long as they are not being mis-used. Bullwhips and other stock whips are permitted provided they are rolled and secured, ideally by peace bonding, and remain that way during the convention. Live steel, e.g. swords or knives, are permitted provided the item can be secured in a sheath by peace bonding, and it is not removed at any point during the convention. Flail weapons, e.g. Nun-cha-ku, are permitted provided the item can be secured by peace bonding. Replicas of live firearms provided they are easily identifiable as props, e.g. an orange tipped barrel, and are peace bonded. Behavior with weapons and props:

Misuse of any prop weapon, such as swinging it in a public area, causing hazards or menacing others, even in jest, will result in the weapon or prop being deemed unsafe. The skill, or lack thereof, of the person in possession of a weapon is irrelevant to the determination of whether or not it is dangerous. If a weapon or prop is deemed unsafe due to misuse, it must be removed from the convention space for the remainder of the convention.

Prohibited weapons:

Real firearms of any kind (even if not loaded or missing clips.) Live steel that cannot be secured in a sheath. Projectile weapons. Examples of projectile weapons include, but are not limited to, pellet guns, BB guns, air guns, crossbows, dart guns, Nerf and blowguns. Exceptions may be made for non-live guns that are not loaded and have been disabled. Attendee must prove to convention security that weapon cannot easily be returned to use and item must be peace bonded. Flail weapons that cannot be secured. Incendiary devices. All devices which spark, shoot flame, burn, smolder, cause combustion or which exist for no purpose other than to be lit with a combustion device. Illegal weapons are prohibited. Attendees found to be carrying illegal weapons will be immediately reported to the authorities. Self-defense weapons. Examples of self-defense weapons include, but are not limited to, pepper spray, mace, stun guns and tasers.

Vendor Room purchases and prizes:

All prohibited weapons purchased or won as prizes must remain securely packaged in the original box, or be immediately removed from the convention space to be stored in private quarters.

All permitted props and or weapons purchased or won as prizes that are deemed to appear dangerous must be peace bonded if they are to be carried during the convention unless they are left in the original box/packaging.

AfterDark sessions are for adults (18+), what is appropriate/inappropriate?

The same rules as during the day apply. However, keep in mind, the entertainers on stage are the entertainment, not you. So being unsafe, getting naked, being overly drunk, or being inappropriate is NOT acceptable. Security will be present at all times and you may be asked to leave the grounds. If the situation calls for it, law enforcement may be summoned at any time.

What are the rules on smoking and vaping?

Smoking is only allowed outside in designated areas, just as in most public places. Vaping is acceptable, however, the vaping of cannabis or extreme vaping is not appropriate in a public facility. Please, be courteous of other guests. The hotel and GalaxyFest Staff reserves the right to ask you to NOT vape.

Marijuana, Cannabis, Pot (or pick a name) are legal in Colorado. Can we smoke at GalaxyFest?

No! There are numerous restrictions on the legal use of marijuana. Review state and local laws. Smoking is not permitted in the hotel.


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