If you are interested in applying for any of the open positions, please use the contact form and provide your experience. These are Volunteer Positions and require effort, dedication, and reliability. Please only apply if you are serious.

Directors: Diann Wacks, Lynda Cink, Brian Swanson
Security Chief: Bill Stewart / Steve Wallace
Masquerade Coordinators: Charles & Tauni Orndorff
Dealer Room Manager: Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss / Michael “Faris” Pharis
VIP Hospitality Suite Sponsor: American Overhead Door
Registration Manager: Diann Wacks
Guest Liaison: TBD
Volunteer Coordinator: Lynda Cink
Film/Video Director:  Christopher Mihm
Master of Ceremonies: Jon Eddy
ToastMaster: (Opening and closing ceremonies) TBD
Interviewers: (Interview Main Event Guests) TBD