2017 Cosplay Judges


A local cosplayer that’s been sewing, gluing, and burning her fingers (yay, thermoplastics!) for over a decade with more than national 15 awards. She has judged a dozen cosplay contests for adults, children, and pets! She’s most well known for costumes that employ creative engineering to allow for gravity defying costumes, 15 foot wingspans, articulated armor, and swords that look like laced obsidian. She also designs high fashion in a line called “Fantasy Couture.” Yokaze is always trying to push the limits of what is possible with cosplay.



yokazeFilthy Warumono

Cosplayer and fashion model, musician, artist, designer, actor, and official Bishounen, Warumono has become infamous for his wide range of abilities. Since 2000, he has won upwards of forty awards for his work on human and Asian ball jointed dolls. His experience as a fashion and runway model includes h.NAOTO’s SixH branch, Hot Topic, and others, and he has become a noted host of panels covering music, crossplay, wigs, competitions, and ABJD. Warumono has worked with numerous Japanese musicians as well, including his appearance in an X-Japan music video and opening up for The Royal Dead. His cosplay judging resume includes Denver Comic Con, Clutch Con, SoDak, SukoshiCon, and many more. He is the master and purveyor of Filthy Commissions, offering his own line of clothing, costumes, and accessories, the bassist for Denver-based band Discount Cinema, and a member of the fandom fueled theatre group Cabaret Otaku. He has been to Japan twice and has a lot of knowledge and stories to share!



december-cosplayDecember Cosplay

December is a Colorado based cosplayer and craftsperson, competing since 2011! She is most known for workmanship in the crafts-arts in relation to cosplay, including dyeing, silk painting and leather working. She is most interested in refining her craft and meeting other cosplayers interested in skilled craftsmanship! She has received over 15 craftsmanship based awards on her cosplays over her 5-year competition career. She loves to both teach and attend panels at conventions and has sat on several judging panels. Her other hobbies include reading, drinking iced tea, listening to Scandinavian electronic music and watching Diehard.


fredrick-mehner-iiiFrederick Mehner III

Judge Fred is a small business owner and cosplay community organizer.  He owns a photography business and runs “Cosplay Triage Unit” a group that fixes costumes at Colorado Conventions. A contributing member to many international and local costume groups, and convention contributor, Fred seeks to expand costuming to include everybody.

Winner of numerous cosplay/costume, prop, art and model awards. He has turned his costuming focus to giving back.  Supporting beginners and sharing his wealth of knowledge with the community at large.


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