Dealer Room

– This item is for vendor booths/spaces inside the vendor room/exhibit hall




– This item is for vendor booths/spaces inside the dealer room/exhibit hall
– All vendors will have pipe and drape areas
– One table, table cover, and 2 chairs will be provided
– Two Exhibitor (general admission) badges for the weekend
– Additional badges for assistance may be purchased prior to the convention at a discounted rate. Limit of two (2) additional badges. Badges will not be available after Feb 1, 2018
– VIP Upgrades may be purchased below or in the store
– Ensure your acknowledgement of the terms and conditions upon purchase
– Vendor space is not secured until vendor payment has been received from vendor and verification sent from GalaxyFest to vendor. If application is not accepted by GalaxyFest, monies will be refunded
– See the Exhibitor page for all details


Dated Pricing

Restructured Pricing (the same or lowered from 2017)

Area Typebefore Sep 30
Discount Pricing
Oct 1 -Jan 31
Standard Pricing
Feb 1-At the Door
Premium Pricing
10ft x 24ft Vendor Room or
(2) 10ft x 10ft Vendor Room spaces for a single vendor
10ft x 10ft Vendor Room$310.00$410.00$510.00
8ft x 8ft Vendor Room$225.00$325.00$425.00
Vendor Hallway$125.00$150.00$250.00
Author/Artist Hallway Table$100.00$100.00$200.00
VIP Badge Upgrade$75.00$75.00$125.00
Add-on Badge$25.00$25.00unavailab